Project Description

The Challenge

Seamlessly offload entire websites onto the cloud instantly boosting performance, reliability and reducing infrastructure costs for websites.

The Solution

  • Created technology built upon Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS, CloudFront) and Microsoft Technologies(.NET, ASP.NET, SQL) that seamlessly offloads entire websites onto the cloud.
  • Wrote form the ground up Cyber Bot, a Multi-Threaded web crawler that efficiently enables on demand streaming of content.
  • Created intelligent content routing mechanisms and unique directory architecture that give webmasters maximum flexibility to offload content.
  • Created a distributed Pay-As-You-Go credit system that enables accurate global transactions with no latency.

The Future

Obsidian Delta continues to innovate, by continuing to build upon the technology. Currently developing a universal SaaS system built on top of Cyber CDN  that works in conjunction with Amazon’s CloudFront.