A brief survey of services that offload your website onto the cloud yielded several results. Amazon S3, Cloudflare and MaxCDN. There has been an explosion in the number of websites offloading their content and as a result the above mentioned services are seeing increased demand. Amazon S3 has over a trillion objects stored in their system and hundreds of thousands of customers, MaxCDN  has 13,000 + business and Cloudflare is growing as well. Here is Cloudflare’s stats at the time of writing:

The reason why these companies are doing well is simple. Offloading websites makes sense. It is economical, reliable, scalable and extremely simple to implement. Offloading is a growing trend but the technology is still in its infancy. However, Obsidian Delta the developer of CyberCDN is developing technology to enhance websites that are being offloaded onto the cloud. Offloading websites significantly changes how high capacity websites will be developed in the future. It is apparent that there needs to be a layer between the website and the cloud that will enable webmasters to further refine and make additions to the final website that is presented to the client.

The technology creates an application layer beyond your origin server. By creating a layer between your static website and the service that your site is being offloaded onto, it becomes possible to add extra features to your static website. Some examples of what can be done is optimizing images for the client or transforming content i.e. Word document to PDF. But this is only the beginning, it also becomes possible to add applications to your static website. Applications like blogs, forums and games can also  be added onto your static website. With this new paradigm the static websites can be thought of as components but where things really come together is at this new application layer before the site reaches the cloud.

In addition to creating technologies for webmasters offloading their content, Obsidian Delta is also creating solutions for web hosting companies that what to keep up with the changing tides:

If your organization is seeking offloading solutions Obsidian Delta can be the right partner for you. It is a brave new world for webmasters contact us and let’s explore the possibilities together.