For small businesses it is important to project professionalism without breaking the bank. If your business has a low call volume and you require a dedicated local and/or toll free phone number for under $3/month then Twilio might be the way to go. Twilio charges $1/month  + 1¢/minute  for  a dedicated local number and $2/month  + 2¢/minute for a dedicated toll free number. What’s even better is that they have cute little web apps called Twimlets that enable you to set up call forwarding, voice mail and more. Here is a  tutorial to forward calls to multiple phones and if no one picks up then send the caller to voice mail:

So if you have a relatively low call volume and want your own dedicated phone number then Twilio is the way to go for your small business.

However if you company call volume is high then Twilio may not be the way to go. For instance if your company makes thousands of local calls a day then STOP don’t use Twilio! Getting a Twilio bill for $2000/month is not fun! There are better solutions to make thousands of calls a day and Obsidian Delta has custom telephony solutions which integrate with your infrastructure  to reduce your bill by 70% or more. Use Obsidian Delta’s solutions such as appointment reminders, surveys, notification’s, etc… to reduce your telephony bill. Contact us if this is the case but if you are simply looking for a low cost alternative to a traditional business phone line then Twilio is the way to go.