Unlike many companies we don’t say that our solutions are perfect and we don’t promise our clients the moon. However, what we can promise our clients is that we have an internal commitment to making our solutions the best that they possibly can be. We achieve this through our process of continuous integration, refinement and innovation.

We also have a process in place for our clients.

We will first do a thorough assessment to ascertain the business objectives of our clients. We will need to understand elements such as expectations for scalability, flexibility and resilience.

After we do an the assessment we will give you a list of proposals, which through an iterative process we will refine it to meet your needs and budget.

We then compose and/or develop as set of solutions that fulfills all the mandated set of business objectives.

Once it comes time to deploy the solutions we will do a phased deployment. We do this for several reasons. One is to train the staff and two, we do this to ensure that we have an optimal configuration for your company. Only once all parties are satisfied we will begin to incrementally scale it up.

Once the system is fully deployed we will continually monitor the system and are responsive to your needs. We work closely with our clients and constantly keep the lines of communication open. Feedback from our clients is why we believe we have been able to innovate and continually improve upon what we have. And this is major reason why our clients are satisfied with our solutions and services.

What you can expect from Obsidian Delta is a technology partner that is there for you for the long term. A partner that understands your long and short term business objectives and one that will cater solutions to meet your needs with honesty, competence and integrity.