The Obsidian Delta Way

Unlike many companies we don’t say that our solutions are perfect and we don’t promise our clients the moon. However, what we can promise our clients is that we have an internal commitment to making our solutions the best that they possibly can be. We achieve this through our process of continuous integration, refinement and innovation.

We also have a process in place for our clients.

We will first do a thorough assessment to ascertain the business objectives of our clients. We will need to understand elements such as expectations for scalability, flexibility and resilience.

After we do an the assessment we will give you a list of proposals, which through an iterative process we will refine it to meet your needs and budget.

We then compose and/or develop as set of solutions that fulfills all the mandated set of business objectives.

Once it comes time to deploy the solutions we will do a phased deployment. We do this for several reasons. One is to train the staff and two, we do this to ensure that we have an optimal configuration for your company. Only once all parties are satisfied we will begin to incrementally scale it up.

Once the system is fully deployed we will continually monitor the system and are responsive to your needs. We work closely with our clients and constantly keep the lines of communication open. Feedback from our clients is why we believe we have been able to innovate and continually improve upon what we have. And this [...]

Ad Choices and Context Based Content

Just found this ad choice for me by Google and RocketFuel interesting:

I did go to the Vonage site to view some of their services, so I understand why the Vonage ad is following me around. This is because Google allows Remarketing, which means that if you visit a website Google will enable ad’s from that website to be displayed on other websites you visit.

Back in 2003 I developed a platform that enabled site to site content mediation called Script Stream Technology or S~S for short! The basic idea was to enable small collectives of websites to share traffic with each other. Whichever site was responsible for bringing the viewer into the collective will then be able to display their ad’s throughout the collective in addition to the ad’s of the website that the viewer was currently on. This was a platform that fostered synergy between sites rather than competition. The changing landscape of advertising and lack of resources ultimately led Script Stream technology to not realize it’s full potential. However the concept of having specific agents that bring you content based on the context of your viewing history is nothing new. Google is doing this with ad’s now, and to some extent it is doing this when we use their search engine. It is in our best interest to have as many agents as possible actively seeking to bring us the most relevant content. Otherwise we will end up living in an information bubble. Those that use Google as their primary source of information gathering [...]

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    To Twilio or Not To Twilio – Get a Free Phone Number But…

To Twilio or Not To Twilio – Get a Free Phone Number But…

For small businesses it is important to project professionalism without breaking the bank. If your business has a low call volume and you require a dedicated local and/or toll free phone number for under $3/month then Twilio might be the way to go. Twilio charges $1/month  + 1¢/minute  for  a dedicated local number and $2/month  + 2¢/minute for a dedicated toll free number. What’s even better is that they have cute little web apps called Twimlets that enable you to set up call forwarding, voice mail and more. Here is a  tutorial to forward calls to multiple phones and if no one picks up then send the caller to voice mail:

So if you have a relatively low call volume and want your own dedicated phone number then Twilio is the way to go for your small business.
However if you company call volume is high then Twilio may not be the way to go. For instance if your company makes thousands of local calls a day then STOP don’t use Twilio! Getting a Twilio bill for $2000/month is not fun! There are better solutions to make thousands of calls a day and Obsidian Delta has custom telephony solutions which integrate with your infrastructure  to reduce your bill by 70% or more. Use Obsidian Delta’s solutions such as appointment reminders, surveys, notification’s, etc… to reduce your telephony bill. Contact us if this is the case but if you are simply looking for a low cost alternative to a traditional business phone line then Twilio [...]

Tips For Marketing Your Local Business Online

To market your local business online, there are a couple of steps that if taken will dramatically increase your local online visibility and drive your business through the roof.

Optimize Your Website
First things first, your website must be search engine optimized for local searches.

This means for each page on your website you must have  your business address and contact information visible.
You should also write articles and or blog posts with your business specialty in mind and with the location in the title. For instance: Marketing Your Business In Mississauga or Custom Software Development in Mississauga. And do this often.
You website should have a page dedicated just for just contact information, where you can put your contact form, address and a Google Map.
Create a KML file which displays geographical data for Google Maps and Google Earth ( use this online utility to create a file)
Make a YouTube video of your services and make sure that your locacation is in the title and description of the video.

Claim Your Business On Search Engines
It really amazed me when I was looking for Sushi how many local Sushi restaurants did not pay enough attention to there local business listing on Google.

Go to Google, Yahoo and Bing and claim your local business page and upload photos and website details. For instance you can go here to register you local business on Google.
Get friends and customers to write reviews with there Google accounts for your local business. When I was looking for a Sushi restaurant all I did was [...]

Offloading Websites onto the Cloud: Whats Next

A brief survey of services that offload your website onto the cloud yielded several results. Amazon S3, Cloudflare and MaxCDN. There has been an explosion in the number of websites offloading their content and as a result the above mentioned services are seeing increased demand. Amazon S3 has over a trillion objects stored in their system and hundreds of thousands of customers, MaxCDN  has 13,000 + business and Cloudflare is growing as well. Here is Cloudflare’s stats at the time of writing:

The reason why these companies are doing well is simple. Offloading websites makes sense. It is economical, reliable, scalable and extremely simple to implement. Offloading is a growing trend but the technology is still in its infancy. However, Obsidian Delta the developer of CyberCDN is developing technology to enhance websites that are being offloaded onto the cloud. Offloading websites significantly changes how high capacity websites will be developed in the future. It is apparent that there needs to be a layer between the website and the cloud that will enable webmasters to further refine and make additions to the final website that is presented to the client.

The technology creates an application layer beyond your origin server. By creating a layer between your static website and the service that your site is being offloaded onto, it becomes possible to add extra features to your static website. Some examples of what can be done is optimizing images for the client or transforming content i.e. Word document to PDF. But this is only the beginning, it [...]

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Your Website in the Cloud

If your website crashes a lot or it is really slow, there can be many technical reason for this. If your website is hosted with a traditional web hosting company then the server that your website is being hosted on is more than likely hosting other websites as well. Servers have  limited RAM and CPU resources and with any spike in traffic for any of the sites hosted on that server, your website will slow down or worse, crash. One way to get around this is to have your own server and if that is not enough then you can create a web farm that will handle traffic spikes. And if you wanted to get even fancier then you can create several server farms across the globe to ensure that there is no latency for customers requesting your site from across the globe. Now as one can imagine the costs associate with such a infrastructure is enormous.
A solution to keep costs down and still reap the benefits of a world class infrastructure is to offload your website onto the cloud. Offloading websites has now become a common practice and outlined below is the process used by Cyber CDN  which is a service created by Obsidian Delta that offloads entire websites onto the cloud.


Once you have setup which files or websites you want offloaded then the initial request by the client is as follows


Now any subsequent requests is as follows

The technology was created by Obsidian Delta from the ground up to be distributed, reliable, easy to implement and low cost. Essentially using [...]

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Obsidian Delta

Does your business need a technology partner with a wealth of experience. Obsidian Delta provides cutting edge social media, cloud, document centric solutions and more. Obsidian Delta has a track record of consistently solving challenging problems using cutting edge technologies for our clients. If you have an idea Obsidian Delta is the technology partner that you can trust to make it real.


Document Centric Software

As a solution provider we are constantly surveying the market to find the right piece of software to fit our clients needs. Sometimes our clients have very basic needs and in this case our own enterprise document generation software Obsidian Doc is not always the right fit. In these cases we look to other pieces of software that will get the job done for our clients. Below is a list of some document management and generation software that have a variety of features at different price points:

Obsidian Doc
Interwoven WorkSite


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Obsidian Doc

As part of Obsidian Deltas document management and generation solutions we offer a custom enterprise software called Obsidian Doc. Obsidian Doc is an enterprise level document generation software that is used to streamline any companies document generation process. Streamlining is done by reducing the time taken to generate documents by the end user. This is done by Obsidian Doc’s ability to simplify the data into custom datasets. Custom data sets only expose relevant data to template authors and by giving template authors only relevant data it speeds up the document creation process.  By also abstracting the data into a dataset it also means  that the template is not directly tied to the enterprises data sources. This means if the data source needs to be changed then only the dataset needs to be changed and the templates can be left un altered. This feature is extremely important when it comes to maintainability.  Here is a breakdown of some main features and benefits:

Streamline document generation
ROI within months
Secure sensitive data
Easy integration
Low maintenance


Gather data from multiple data sources into a single dataset
Protect the dataset via roles
Abstract data sources from document authors
Data sources include SQL Server, Excel, Comma delimited text files, XML
supported formats: doc, docx
Template archiving
any template version is available at any point in time
Template versioning
users are able to exclusively lock a template, which guarantees changes are saved without concurrency issues

Template authoring

able to drop merge fields and format the data in different ways
able [...]

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