Every business has repetitive tasks that needs to be done and it consumes valuable resources. The answer may be to crowd source these tasks. Your business can essentially have hundreds of employees around the world preforming tasks specific to your business at the fraction of the cost that it would have cost to hire and maintain a dedicated staff to preform these repetitive tasks.

  • Crowd Source Services
    • Surveys
    • Workflow Integration
    • Custom Tasks

Data Centric Services

Having a well designed database is crucial to an applications success. Leverage our experience!Learn More

Cloud Services

Our team has been on the cutting edge of creating cloud based solutions and services, take advantage of this experience!Learn More

Software Development

Obsidian Delta specializes in creating custom software no matter how complex for our clients!Learn More

Custom Web Development

Take advantage of our years of creating innovative web based solutions!Learn More

Managed Outsourcing

Let Obsidian Delta alleviate this hassle of managing your staff!Learn More


Obsidian Delta can ensure that your site is search engine optimized by ensuring that your site is always providing up to date content…Learn More


Let Obsidian Delta take your marketing efforts to the next level by conducting social media campaigns!Learn More
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Obsidian Delta has a wide range of services to meet your business needs!

From telecommunication and data centric services to web design and marketing services Obsidian Delta has you covered.

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