Below is a brief list of some of the services that we offer

Whether you business is on the cutting edge of your industry or just seeking to implement an innovative cost cutting solution, a custom application that exactly fulfills your business requirements may be the way to go. Obsidian Delta specializes in creating custom software no matter how complex for our clients. From engineering from the ground up a global content delivery network to creating  integrated social media applications we are a technology partner that you can count on to get the job done no matter how complex or challenging.

  • Custom Software Development
    • Desktop
    • Mobile
    • Tablet
    • Social Media Apps

In many cases a business website is its life line. From lead generation to content dissemination to community engagement, a website is the focal point of these activities. In addition to these activities a website can be a full fledged application enabling businesses to run complex business processes. Take advantage of our years of creating innovative web based solutions.

  • Custom Web Development
    • Web Design
    • CMS/ E-Commerce
    • Data Driven Web Applications
    • Full Social Media Integration

Having a well designed database is crucial to an applications success. Leverage our experience in creating distributed database systems, fulfilling  complex business requirements. We have a full range of services that enable your data centric idea to take flight.

  • Data Centric Services
    • Database Design/Development
    • Integration
    • Management & Administration
    • Maintenance

Building an application that can seamlessly scale not matter what the demand and also be fault tolerant requires the cloud. Our team has been on the cutting edge of creating cloud based solutions and services, take advantage of this experience and ensure that your application and infrastructure is equipped for the twenty first century.

  • Cloud Services
    • Development
    • Setup / Migration
    • Maintenance
    • Monitoring

Hiring and managing a staff is a time consuming process and what may seem initially to be the easiest part of running your business usually becomes the most time consuming and taxing part of your business. Let Obsidian Delta alleviate this hassle by being the contact point between you and your staff. We will hire and manage your staff on a per project basis.

  • Managed Outsourced Services
    • Web Development
    • Software Development
    • Networking and Information Systems
    • Writing & Translation
    • Administrative Support
    • Design and Multimedia
    • Customer Service
    • Sales & Marketing
    • Business Services

Every business has repetitive tasks that needs to be done and it consumes valuable resources. The answer may be to crowd source these tasks. Your business can essentially have hundreds of employees around the world preforming tasks specific to your business at the fraction of the cost that it would have cost to hire and maintain a dedicated staff to preform these repetitive tasks.

  • Crowd Source Services
    • Surveys
    • Workflow Integration
    • Custom Tasks

So you have a website. How fresh is your content? Do you have multimedia on your site? How does Google see your site? Obsidian Delta can ensure that your site is search engine optimized by ensuring that your site is always providing up to date content including rich content like videos.

  • SEO
    • Keyword Formulation
    • In-Page Content Generation
    • Off-Page Content Creation
    • CMS Optimization
    • Video Creation
    • Content Dissemination

Even if you have a fully search optimized site you business can always benefit from direct marketing efforts. Let Obsidian Delta take your marketing efforts to the next level by conducting social media campaigns and contests that will grow your audience.

  • Marketing
    • Social Media
    • Online Campaigns
    • Online Advertizing
Not matter what you business requirements Obsidian Delta offers a whole range of document centric services to fulfill your business needs. From simple document creation and management systems to enterprise level document management systems that banks use, we are your technology partner.
  • Document Centric Services
    • Document Generation
    • Document Management
    • Customized Solutions
    • Third Party Integration

There are a plethora of niche applications for every industry and many of these applications can fulfill your exact business requirements. However finding the right application and integrating the application into your business workflow can be time consuming and expensive. Let Obsidian Delta find, install and train your staff with third party applications that is specific to your industry.

  • Third Party Application
    • Setup
    • Integration
    • Maintenance
    • Training