Delta Local

Our on premise PBX system that utilizes VOIP and seamlessly integrates with Delta Bot Click here to learn more

Delta Bot

Our automation IVR solution that automatically books rides and dispatches them with no human intervention. Delta Bot is currently clicking at 33% efficiency.Click here to learn more

Delta Call

Our call out solution that notifies the customer when their taxi has arrived for landlines and cellphones and it is substantially more cost effective that Twilio.Click here to learn more

Delta Collective

Our low cost supplemental call taking service that integrates well with Delta Cloud and Delta Local.Click here to learn more

What’s Next

Delta 80

Our solution for booking via SMS and it is also leveraged by Delta Call to do notifications via SMS.

Delta Site

Our mobile friendly website with web booking that integrates with your dispatching system and included in the package is content creation germane to your community

Delta Social

A social media based awareness campaign that brings together corporations, social organizations and the community to promote social causes and in the process raise the profile of the participating social organizations and corporations.