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Permalink Gallery – Social Media Platforms – Social Media Platforms

The Challenge
Create a fun and engaging way to bring awareness to critical humanitarian issues and causes in a such a way that does not guilt people into taking action.

The Solution

Create a global treasure hunt where participants get clues to buried treasure by solving riddles
Create a social media platform that gathers campaign activity from Twitter, Facebook and Google +
Enable participants to work with friends to find the buried treasure and in the process learn about critical humanitarian issues

The Future
The impetus for the 1Click1Life campaign was the 2011 famine in Somalia, however to this day help is still needed and charitable organizations are continually working hard to ensure that the circumstances that led to that tragedy never happens again. The first campaign will be to bring awareness to the continuing efforts of charitable organizations in the region.

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Permalink Gallery – Radical Crowd Sourcing – Radical Crowd Sourcing

The Challenge
Create a service that enables people from across the globe to pray and give advice to each other on demand.

The Solution

Created website with sophisticated Content Management System (CMS)  and E-Commerce capabilities.
Created unique credit system (Karma Points) to keep track of advice and prayers.
Used combination of community and crowd sourcing to ensure that the requested number of prayers and advice was always given.

The Future
Integrate system with Twitter, Facebook and Google + giving people the ability to pray and offer advice straight from their favorite social media site and still accumulate Karma Points.

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Permalink Gallery – Cutting Edge Cloud Technology – Cutting Edge Cloud Technology

The Challenge
Seamlessly offload entire websites onto the cloud instantly boosting performance, reliability and reducing infrastructure costs for websites.

The Solution

Created technology built upon Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS, CloudFront) and Microsoft Technologies(.NET, ASP.NET, SQL) that seamlessly offloads entire websites onto the cloud.
Wrote form the ground up Cyber Bot, a Multi-Threaded web crawler that efficiently enables on demand streaming of content.
Created intelligent content routing mechanisms and unique directory architecture that give webmasters maximum flexibility to offload content.
Created a distributed Pay-As-You-Go credit system that enables accurate global transactions with no latency.

The Future
Obsidian Delta continues to innovate, by continuing to build upon the technology. Currently developing a universal SaaS system built on top of Cyber CDN  that works in conjunction with Amazon’s CloudFront.