Cloud Infrastructure Services

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The Challenge
Seamlessly offload entire websites onto the cloud instantly boosting performance, reliability and reducing infrastructure costs for websites.

The Solution

Created technology built upon Amazon Web Services (EC2, S3, SQS, CloudFront) and Microsoft Technologies(.NET, ASP.NET, SQL) that seamlessly offloads entire websites onto the cloud.
Wrote form the ground up Cyber Bot, a Multi-Threaded web crawler that efficiently enables on demand streaming of content.
Created intelligent content routing mechanisms and unique directory architecture that give webmasters maximum flexibility to offload content.
Created a distributed Pay-As-You-Go credit system that enables accurate global transactions with no latency.

The Future
Obsidian Delta continues to innovate, by continuing to build upon the technology. Currently developing a universal SaaS system built on top of Cyber CDN  that works in conjunction with Amazon’s CloudFront.