If your website crashes a lot or it is really slow, there can be many technical reason for this. If your website is hosted with a traditional web hosting company then the server that your website is being hosted on is more than likely hosting other websites as well. Servers have  limited RAM and CPU resources and with any spike in traffic for any of the sites hosted on that server, your website will slow down or worse, crash. One way to get around this is to have your own server and if that is not enough then you can create a web farm that will handle traffic spikes. And if you wanted to get even fancier then you can create several server farms across the globe to ensure that there is no latency for customers requesting your site from across the globe. Now as one can imagine the costs associate with such a infrastructure is enormous.
A solution to keep costs down and still reap the benefits of a world class infrastructure is to offload your website onto the cloud. Offloading websites has now become a common practice and outlined below is the process used by Cyber CDN  which is a service created by Obsidian Delta that offloads entire websites onto the cloud.


Once you have setup which files or websites you want offloaded then the initial request by the client is as follows


Now any subsequent requests is as follows

The technology was created by Obsidian Delta from the ground up to be distributed, reliable, easy to implement and low cost. Essentially using [...]