As part of Obsidian Deltas document management and generation solutions we offer a custom enterprise software called Obsidian Doc. Obsidian Doc is an enterprise level document generation software that is used to streamline any companies document generation process. Streamlining is done by reducing the time taken to generate documents by the end user. This is done by Obsidian Doc’s ability to simplify the data into custom datasets. Custom data sets only expose relevant data to template authors and by giving template authors only relevant data it speeds up the document creation process.  By also abstracting the data into a dataset it also means  that the template is not directly tied to the enterprises data sources. This means if the data source needs to be changed then only the dataset needs to be changed and the templates can be left un altered. This feature is extremely important when it comes to maintainability.  Here is a breakdown of some main features and benefits:

Streamline document generation
ROI within months
Secure sensitive data
Easy integration
Low maintenance


Gather data from multiple data sources into a single dataset
Protect the dataset via roles
Abstract data sources from document authors
Data sources include SQL Server, Excel, Comma delimited text files, XML
supported formats: doc, docx
Template archiving
any template version is available at any point in time
Template versioning
users are able to exclusively lock a template, which guarantees changes are saved without concurrency issues

Template authoring

able to drop merge fields and format the data in different ways
able [...]